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Professional Mixing and Mastering for the Home Studio Musician.

Tired of muddy mixes? Ready to finally hear the sound you hear in your head come out of the speakers?

As a musician or producer, your job is to deliver great songs.

You know what your track is supposed to sound like. But every time you sit down to finish the track, the mix never matches the sound you hear in your head.

You feel like your chasing your tail with EQ and compression and all the tools you’re told to use. But the results are muddy…indistinct…wimpy.

There’s a better way.

Brass Palace delivers brilliant, high-quality fully mixed and mastered tracks that hit their full potential.

That way you can focus on what you’re good at. And Brass Palace takes care of the rest.


Home Studio Focused

Brass Palace is the mixing and mastering solution for home studio productions.

I mix home studio tracks from all over using only the best plugins and software in the industry. Using the best tools available to deliver mixes that help your song meet its full potential.

Your Vision Guides the Mix

Rest assured your feedback is crucial for guiding the mix process for your songs.

Every project begins with me asking you about your vision for your track. I also ask you to show me some examples of mixes you love to help me understand your vision.

And every mix comes with 2 rounds for mix revisions. That way you're getting exactly the mix you paid for!

High Quality Tracks Fit For All Systems

From cell phones to the car, Spotify to Apple Music, your music will be played just about everywhere.

Don't let your tracks get penalized once they're out in the wild. I make sure your track meet the current loudness standards and systems of the real world.


Want to hear examples of my work? Check out some of the home studio tracks that have come through Brass Palace’s doors below:


Hey there! I’m Chris Vandeviver, producer and mix engineer from Rochester, NY. 

 I’ve been mixing and producing for over 10 years. Starting in the basement and working my way up into professional recording studios.

Now I focus on helping you get the best mixes and masters for your home studio productions.

Chris Vandeviver - Mixing and Mastering Engineer
"I’ve been making music for 20+ years, and in that time I’ve worked with a lot of engineers. Working with Brass Palace was by far one of the best experiences I’ve had. From quality to affordability, Brass Palace had the solutions I needed for completing my project."
Soviet Dolls Hunters Single Cover Image
Matthew James Cavallaro
Soviet Dolls


Ready to hear your songs the way they were meant to be heard? Fill out the Quote Request Form below and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours: